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Get grounded and feel better, fast!

Walking barefoot in the grass or down the beach can be calming, balancing, or energizing. You might think it’s because of the sun on your face or the wind in your hair, but there’s more to it than that. Connecting to the earth provides you with something more: Electrons. When you touch the ground, your body absorbs the free electrons and all the amazing benefits they provide. This is called being ‘grounded.’

We live our lives mostly insulated from the earth (wearing rubber-soled shoes, living indoors, driving in our cars, etc). Over time, this causes our bodies to become depleted. Touching the ground replenishes our electron balance and restores our lost connection to the earth’s energy.

We’d all like to spend more time in nature in direct contact with the earth, but spending hours in nature every day is impractical for most. That’s where earthing products come in. They are like extension cords that allow you to connect to the earth when you can’t be out in nature. They allow you to easily incorporate grounding into your everyday life whether you are relaxing, working, or even sleeping.


"I use both mats regularly, keeping one under my desk and the other where I sit to relax. I bought them with the intention to use them in the winter when the snow makes it tough to find the ground, but am finding they have become a regular part of my routine summer or winter!"

Maggie X.

"I am extremely happy with my purchase of this two count travel mats. I use one mat on my working desk for hand touch every day. I definitely feel much less pain after using these mats for a week."

Albertan ❤

"I LOVE my mattress cover. The bed feels more like a cloud with the mat. Took it out of the box, couldn't wait so I set it up with the kit and used it on my couch until bedtime, lol. Even on the couch it felt calming to be laying on it."

Ground Therapy products are Clint Ober's official grounding products

Earthing has become a world-wide phenomenon based on the discovery of the benefits of grounding by Clint Ober, and crucial work done by a host of researchers, scientists, MD's, and Ph.D.'s from top universities devoted to validating Clint's discovery.

Ground Therapy products are the only grounding products on the market that are created and developed by Clint Ober and his team.

The majority of all proceeds from the sale of earthing products go toward continued research and advancement in the field of grounding including product development, safety standards, and educational outreach.

How Do Earthing Products Work?

Earthing products connect you to the earth's electrons through the grounded port of your three prong outlet or via a Ground Rod.

STEP 1: Check Wall Outlet

Plug the Outlet Checker included in your order into your wall outlet to ensure your outlet is wired correctly. If not, then you will need to purchase a Ground Rod kit.

STEP 2: Safety Adapter

Push the Safety Adapter into your wall outlet. Connect one end of your Coil Cord into the Safety Adapter and snap the other end to the product.

STEP 3: Test

We highly recommend using an optional Continuity Tester to ensure your product is properly grounded. You should check your product and cord on a regular basis to ensure you are connected.

STEP 4: Connect YOU!

Your earthing product is ready to ground you any time you touch it with your bare skin or through one thin layer of fabric such as a sheet or clothing!

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Millions of People Grounded

Over the last 20 years, we've grounded more than one million people so they can receive the benefits of the earth's electrons. Our goal is to transform the lives of everyone on the earth. We are grateful to all of those who've helped spread the word about grounding and earthing.

Countless Success Stories

We have more success stories than we can count, with more coming in every single day. We certainly hope you will share your story with us once you get grounded and experience the powerful results from using your earthing products to connect to the earth on a regular basis.

Patent-Protected Products

Patent #7724491: Method of Treating Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease
Patent #7212392: Personal Body Grounding System Instrumentation and Process
Patent #6683779: Personal Body Grounding System

How Can You Use Earthing Products?

Much of our lives these days are spent indoors, disconnected from the earth. Earthing products make it simple to easily get connected while you go about your day, including:

Sleeping, Relaxing, or Meditating
Sitting, Eating, or Reading
Working, Watching Television
Driving, Doing Chores, Cooking

Who Can Use Earthing Products?

Earthing products can be used by everyone! If you can walk barefoot on the earth, then you can use these grounding products. (If you have any questions regarding your specific medical history and the use of earthing products, please consult your Medical Professional.)

Household Pets

Why Choose Earthing Products?

Guaranteed Authentic

Our earthing products are authentic grounding products. They are backed by over 20 years of research & development and are protected by 3 United States Patents.

Guaranteed Safe

Each earthing product comes with a U.S. Safety Adapter and ensures your connection to the wall outlet is strong and safe. Plus, each earthing Cord has an additional safety feature build-in to protect you.

Guaranteed to Work

All of our products comes with a 1-Year Warranty, and our Earthing Elite line comes with a Lifetime Conductivity Guarantee. In addition, we also offer a Continuity Tester so you can test and ensure your products are correctly grounded.

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